Fiction / Poetry

  1. “Hating” poem to be published in Overland August 2007.
  2. “The Value of Peas” poem published in The Best Australian Poems 2006 Black Inc. Books, edited by Dorothy Porter.
  3. Things I Have Bought for the End of the World poem published in Overland #184, Spring 2006.
  4. “Eggs” poem published in Hecate 32.1, 2006,
  5. “The Witness of 1980” short story published in Island Issue 106 Spring 2006.
  6. “The Cruelest Mammals” short story published in Island Issue 95 Summer 2003.
  7. “Nasal Passages” short story published in Island Issue 98 Spring 2004.
  8. “Great White Shark” poem published in Famous Reporter #31, 2005. Famous Reporter is a national, biannual poetry and prose anthology which is also available online at:


  1. “Storied Extinction”
  2. “Drop-dead gorgeous face, shame about the voice” literary non-fiction The Sydney Morning Herald, Heckler June 8, 2006.
  3. “How Purchasing a Cutlery Tray Almost Made me an Adult” literary non-fiction in Frankie Magazine #12 August/September 2006.
  4. “Legal Tender” cover story, journalism in City Hub July 9, 1998.
  5. “War Babies” cover story, journalism in City Hub August 6, 1998.
  6. “Wash Up; Economic Rationalism and the Sydney Water Scandal” opinion in City Hub August 13, 1998.
  7. “Clearly Complacent” journalism in City Hub September 24, 1998.
  8. “Highway to Hell” journalism in City Hub October 8, 1998.
  9. “Reclaim the Night” feature story in City Hub October 29, 1998.
  10. “Tunnel Vision” feature story in City Hub December 3, 1998.
  11. “Round and Round” journalism in City Hub December 31, 1998.
  12. “Red Lights Get the Green Light” journalism in City Hub December 31, 1998.
  13. “A Whole Stack of Trouble” journalism in City Hub February 4, 1999.
  14. “Reclaim the Streets; Counter Culture Meets Middle Australia” comment in City Hub April 1, 1999.
  15. “Fun with Fundamentalists” journalism in City Hub May 20, 1999.
  16. “Beneath the Big Bucks; Sydney’s Sordid Olympic Sponsors” comment in City Hub July 27, 2000.
  17. “My Shark Dive” literary non-fiction in TNT magazine April/ May 1998.
    • The City Hub is a Sydney inner city newspaper committed to excellence in writing and support for the arts.
    • TNT Magazine is a national magazine for backpackers.

Prizes /Awards / Invitations

Short story “I Won’t Touch You, I Promise” commended in The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts May 2003.

Short story “The Cruelest Mammals” commended in Tom Howard Writing Competition 2004.

Poem “The Value of Peas” winner of The Big Show Competition 2005.

Was invited to perform poetry at the Krossarts Festival 2005.