“Entertaining, professional, approachable, and very knowledgeable! Sandra’s shark talk was wonderfully received by a diverse group of kids who all came together through their love of sharks. She held their attention for an full hour; perfectly answered every one of their many questions; and everyone, parents and carers included, went away having learned many new things. We can’t wait to book her again for this or one of her other talks!”-Yasmin Greenhalgh, Children’s and Young Adult Librarian, Stanton Library, North Sydney Council.


“Working with children particularly performing and educating them at the same time is difficult. Sandra makes this look easy and is an outstanding children’s presenter.Sandra has a wealth of knowledge on sharks and she had my storytime kids eating out of her hands. The props and presentation she used was age appropriate and superb. She was also able to adapt her presentations to different age groups. I would recommend anyone to book Sandra.”- Peter Main, Acting Children’s and Youth Librarian Inner West Council


“Sandra has presented two different talks to Stage 2 students one year and Kindergarten the next, showing how well she can adjust to different audiences and the needs of the curriculum. Her presentations have excited and inspired students and been great springboards for further investigations around marine life and the impact we have had on the environment. Students and teachers loved it and some still talk about it today!” –Sue Smith, Principal, Camdenville Public School.