This is not what democracy looks like

In a supposedly democratic society, why are the Australian governments catching and killing sharks when the overwhelming majority of the population are against it? Why are the governments allowing themselves permission to kill an endangered and thus protected species?

The voice of the people is not being heard and the media continues to use biased, incorrect and sensationalist language to will-fully insight irrational fear. It is time for a sane, informed and rational discussion on the issue of sharks.

Governments and policy makers don’t have to like sharks nor do they have to ignore the distress bathers and their loved ones go through when one of them is injured or killed in a shark bite accident. The only thing governments need to do is stop killing them and do their utmost to protect them as is their duty under CITES and international law. 301102-0636f0d2-4a25-11e4-93fc-034ed4e7c660

This is a photo of one of the two great white sharks killed in response to the bite incident. The second has apparently been sent to Perth where ‘the fisheries department will conduct research on it, then it will be killed’. Fisheries and the media have both confirmed that ‘there is no way of knowing if either of the sharks are the one responsible’. This certainly begs the question of why were they killed?

Even if they did know it was the shark, it is not going to bring the surfers hands back. Worldwide data has shown that shark culling in the aftermath of a bite incident has no effect on deterring future attacks. And by fisheries stating there is no way of knowing if either shark was responsible, this shows it was simply an act of revenge and one the public and scientists have stated loud and clear is unnecessary and not wanted. It is time for sanity and democracy to make itself known.

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