An oldie but sadly, still relevant

I wrote this poem in 2005 and it was published in Famous Reporter #31 2005.

Great White Shark

Curious Carcharidon
Swimming through eternity

Did you glide past corroborees
on the shore
lonely for the experience?

Or did you recoil from the land
with an arc of your great tail
when you became aware of
the mortal coil that binds us?

Did a drop of Jesus’ blood
make its way to you
as it trickled for centuries
down the beams of wood?

And what of the Sudanese?
Did you grow tired of the taste
of two million of them?
Or was their flesh
sweet and supple as the Tutsis,
The Kurds, Kosovars and Albanians?

You will never starve
Mesozoic marvel.
Your belly will always
be full
with our spoils.
And from the shore
we dare to call you

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